The eye defines

The eye defines However the choice is necessary for use of things, for transition from uncertainty to practice, to action.

Each existing or created thing is characterized by certain borders.

Our psychotouch organization is based on selection.

Sense organs are more susceptible to one irritants, than to another.

The eye defines light borders, an ear a sound.

Forming the content of consciousness, we make a start because that its size is limited.

The consciousness defines in advance borders of this size available to our feelings, and forms it by internal selection.

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So, having

So, having It is important that, acquiring actions on the use of subjects of use, the child at the same time acquires also behavior rules in the society, connected with these subjects.

So, having become angry about the adult, the child can throw a cup on a floor.

But right there on his face the fright and repentance will be expressed he already understands that broke rules of the address with a subject which are obligatory for all.

Due to the mastering by subject activity nature of orientation of the child in situations new to it changes, at meetings with new subjects.

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Size of a zone

Size of a zone The difference meanwhile that the child can make in common with the adult at display, instructions, amendments which the adult brings in his actions, and that is available to it in independent activity, is called as a zone of the next development of the child.

Size of a zone of the next development an important indicator of learning ability of the child, that stock of development which it has at present.

Each new step of training uses a zone of the next development of the child and at the same time creates new which becomes the precondition of further training.

So, training the child of speech, we use the possibilities which have developed at it of acoustical, visual perception, imitation the adult, understanding.

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At night, when

At night, whenL.

Science, Vyp.

Page Development of house space in actions and imaginationsceilin wall or on a floor there is a suspicious spot red, black orthe yellow.

Sometimes it find when moving on the new apartment, sometimes~ from members of the family it will casually put for example, ~ ~ dripped on a floor red ink.

Usually heroes of a horror story torture ~ to wipe or wash this spot, but at them it turns out nothing.

At night,when all members of the family fall asleep, the spot finds ominous ~nost.

At midnight it begins slowly grow, becoming bi as the hatch.

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PsychologicallyIn special cases, for example in a summer camp, in hiding places, ~lozhenny out of the rendered habitable space, in the wood under trees or on them,in holes and slopes of ditches, etc.

subjects which can be hideare selected by the administration or stronger contemporary food, clothinthe subjects having high consumer value, and also stealing ~aching.

Psychologically exact description of a similar situation can be found in O.

Postnov's storyFather see Postnov O.

Sand time Prose.

Novosibirsk Edition of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science Nauchno~izda ~telsky center , Page detsky treasuries, secrets and hiding placesIt is interesting that in hiding places of boys there is no esthetic expert ~, so important for secrets of girls.

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